WBKV AM Weather Center


Welcome to the WBKV AM Weather Center, your go-to source for the latest weather updates and forecasts. Whether you’re planning your day or keeping track of local conditions, we’ve got you covered with real-time information and helpful weather insights.

Current Weather Conditions

Stay updated with the latest weather conditions in your area. Our real-time data includes:

  • Temperature: Current temperature in degrees Fahrenheit/Celsius.
  • Humidity: Current humidity levels.
  • Wind Speed and Direction: Information about wind conditions.
  • Precipitation: Details about rain, snow, or other forms of precipitation.

Weather Forecast

Get a detailed weather forecast for the coming days. Our forecast provides:

  • Today’s Weather: An overview of today’s weather, including temperature range, expected precipitation, and wind conditions.
  • 3-Day Forecast: A forecast for the next three days, with temperature highs and lows, chances of precipitation, and significant weather events to watch out for.
  • Extended Outlook: An extended outlook for the week, offering a general sense of upcoming weather patterns and trends.

Weather Alerts and Warnings

Stay informed about severe weather conditions and alerts. Our weather alerts section provides:

  • Current Warnings: Information on any active weather warnings, such as severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, or flood advisories.
  • Safety Tips: Helpful safety tips for handling severe weather conditions and emergencies.
  • Emergency Resources: Contact information for local emergency services and shelters.

Weather-Related Features

Explore additional weather-related content and resources, including:

  • Weather News: Articles and reports on significant weather events and trends.
  • Seasonal Guides: Tips and advice for dealing with different weather conditions throughout the year.
  • Weather Apps: Recommendations for weather apps to keep you informed on the go.


Thank you for visiting the WBKV AM Weather Center. We aim to keep you informed and safe with the latest weather information. If you have questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team.