Welcome to Bob’s Button on WBKV AM


Welcome to “Bob’s Button,” the latest addition to WBKV AM’s interactive features! Bob’s Button is designed to give our listeners a unique and engaging way to interact with our station, allowing you to share your thoughts, request songs, ask questions, and more—all at the push of a button.

What Is Bob’s Button?

Bob’s Button is an interactive feature that allows you to communicate directly with WBKV AM. It’s named after our beloved host, Bob, known for his friendly personality and deep connection with listeners. By clicking Bob’s Button, you can send messages, request songs, and even share stories or shout-outs.

How to Use Bob’s Button

Using Bob’s Button is easy and fun! Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Find the Button: Look for Bob’s Button on our website or mobile app.
  2. Click the Button: Simply click the button to open the communication form.
  3. Send Your Message: Fill out the form with your message, request, or question, and hit “Send.”
  4. Wait for a Response: Bob and the team at WBKV AM will review your message and respond on-air or through our digital channels.

Why Use Bob’s Button?

Bob’s Button offers a unique way to engage with WBKV AM and be part of our community. Here’s why you should try it:

  • Personal Interaction: Connect directly with Bob and our team, sharing your thoughts and ideas.
  • Get Involved: Request your favorite songs, ask questions, or share your own stories on-air.
  • Exclusive Opportunities: Use Bob’s Button to enter contests, win prizes, and get exclusive updates.

Meet Bob

Bob is a longtime host at WBKV AM, known for his warm demeanor and engaging broadcasting style. He’s passionate about connecting with listeners and creating a sense of community on the airwaves. Bob’s Button is his way of bringing you closer to the action and making you feel like part of the WBKV AM family.


We hope you’ll enjoy using Bob’s Button! It’s a great way to stay connected with WBKV AM and make your voice heard. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.